iPhone OS 3.0 Initial Impressions

I’ve updated to iPhone OS 3.0 build 7a341, which is said to be Final/Gold Master and these are my initial impressions in short form.


  • Performed full backup and sync in iTunes 8.2 before restoring 3.0 new firmware
  • Update process is very smooth and doesn’t take too long


  • Some first-party icons have been refreshed. Messages, iPod, Phone now have a slight diagonal stripe pattern in the background.
  • New Voice Memos App


  • Search is the left of the Home screen as expected
  • Works well, launching apps as necessary
  • Once in Spotlight, ways to exit out is swipe back or press home key


  • Works exactly as demo’d. I can die in peace now
  • Spy glass to set cursor appears to be larger now. A welcome change
  • Horizontal keyboards everywhere… well, almost. Third party apps (i.e. Facebook) haven’t implemented it


  • Recents lists now shows which number was called (i.e. mobile, work) or location (i.e. IL, USA)
  • Additionally, outbound calls have a small icon to distinguish them from inbound
  • Viewing recent call details shows more information including timestamp and length
  • Number Keypad looks updated, though I can’t specifically detail what changed
  • Visual Voicemail shows which number (i.e. work, mobile)


  • App requires the library be “updated”. Didn’t take very long
  • Nothing new here except search at the top of the index, as with many apps


  • Vertical keyboard keys looks slightly smaller to accommodate more space between them
  • Rotating to landscape keyboard works well. Very nice to have bigger keys!
  • No MMS on AT&T, as expected


  • Icon to view Camera Roll is initially blank
  • After taking a picture, it will always show the last picture taken
  • Camera seems more choppy than before


  • “General?Home?Double-click the Home button for:?Search” is new
  • “General?Home?Search Results” is new: to configure which items are indexed
  • “Safari?AutoFill” is new. Must manually turn on to auto-fill forms and remembers logins


  • Browser seems a bit more responsive, especially when accessing search or URL fields
  • Typing seems quicker, less laggy


  • Availability setting now present (Busy, Free, Tentative, Out of office)


  • Hold Stocks app horizontal for larger stock chart
  • Can scroll through new charts “around the world”. i.e. last wraps to first and vice versa


  • Touch & Hold a URL to copy it

I’m still trying to pin down exactly how it works, but I noticed that when using the ESPN ScoreCenter app, I can select entire blocks of text to copy. More later.

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